Last night was for you.

Last night President Obama was reelected for a second term.
Your dad and I rejoiced!
I don’t know what America will be like when you read this.
But I’m happy that the history books will show that we had a
president that was black & white.
Just like you two.

You guys don’t know it,
but you’re growing up in an America that is becoming
much more diverse & we’re seeing every single person as
an equal.
You’re growing up in an America, that is fulfilling
what it set out to do.
Despite the road it took for them to get here,
we’re seeing the results of so much hard work.

I got an email yesterday from a friend who I recently photographed.
She wrote about the first time Obama was elected and how it was
for her.
This time it was for her children.
Her children that shared two nationalities.
The exact same feelings I had when I heard that Obama won.

I want to remember the moments that follow.
I want to remember how I cried because I had hope for your futures.
I cried because we’re so much closer to equality.
I cried because my heart was grateful for all the men & women who
fought so we could vote, so we could be considered equal.
I cried for my friends who aren’t allowed to get married yet,
but last night, I saw so many more states pass bills making marriage

Its a big deal.
I hope that we teach you to be grateful everyday.
I hope you remember where you come from.
I hope Beck, that you will grow up knowing that you’re not just a
black man.
But you are a capable of doing anything you want.
I’m so happy that the President is someone you can look up to and admire.
Riley, this election they elected more women to office than they ever have.
Those are your role models.
Your skin color, your body parts, your class,
those things can’t hold you back.

I feel as if my words aren’t conveying all the things my heart is feeling for you.
For all the children that share a diverse backround.
For your grandparents who have lived through blatant racism.
For your great grandparents and the ones before that.
The road has been long and trying.
But we get closer and closer.

The rights you have, are privileges.
Those privileges aren’t to be taken lightly.
They should be carried out proudly and with so much thanks.

Sometimes its hard for me to really grasp how we can’t teach a fellow
human as an equal.
Other times, I’m blown away with how others recognize that that is no
way to live a life.
Especially in America.

We didn’t vote for Obama because of his skin color.
We didn’t even vote for him 4 years ago.
But we voted for him because of you two.
Because of what he stands for, the people.
Because of where he comes from, who he is.
Because we can relate to him.
Because he sees every person living here as equal.
Because he wants us to take care of the earth.
Because he wants to fix our schools and pursue science.
Because he believes that the American dream is something for everyone.
Because he believes in us, in America.
Because America believed in him.

 Last night I was proud to call myself an American.

So proud.
I hope you’re proud too.
We’re finally starting to see what
“All men are created equal”
means here in America.
Its not just a country that is white.
Its a country full of beautiful, diverse, vibrant people.
We are thankful, so very thankful.

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