Happy (almost) Birthday

The above picture is my very favorite of us together.

Your birthday is in two weeks and I wanted to wish you a
I can’t believe that your dad and I have been parents
for that long!

Thank you for introducing us to parenthood.
For being easy on us and being a dream infant, baby, & toddler.
You’re the reason why we thought we could handle more kids ūüėČ

I remember bringing you home and just marveling at you.
I remember feeding you at night, sitting in the rocker my mom made for us.
For you and me.
I remember wanting those moments to last but I knew they were fleeting.
So I soaked it up.
Your sounds, the way you looked at me.
I miss those late night feedings.
Every once in awhile though, you get up at midnight and we talk.
You talk!
You have now for over three years, but I am still in awe of it.

You were my independent baby.
You didn’t want to be held, or sleep close to us.
You loved, and love being on your own.
You thrive when you’re able to do your own thing.
You follow your own path and dance to a beat you create yourself.
You let me hold you and cuddle with you now.
But you don’t let me walk you to class
and you make your own almond butter and jelly sandwiches.
Its fun to look back on what you were like as a baby and realize that
you’ve always been Riley.
From the moment you entered the world.
Every day it becomes more and more clear.

One of my favorite things to watch is your relationship with daddy.
You love him so much and he loves you.
Everyday you ask when he’ll be home and the first thing you ask him when he comes home
“How was work today daddy?! I missed you!
Do you want to go on a daddy-riley date?!”
I love that you have to be near him constantly,
and that you talk about him constantly.
You’re his world,
and I know he’s yours.
Even when you were a baby, the way you’d light up when he’d
come into a room was amazing!
Its beautiful to watch you two together.

I love watching you mother others.
I like where your heart is.
If you ask for a snack, you get one for everyone.
You always ask others what they want to do before you suggest something.
I hope you keep that with you.
Too many people forget to care and love others.
This is a strength of yours baby girl.

I love that you speak your mind.
But always in the sweetest way.
I hope you always are honest and true to yourself.
Like you are right now.
If someone is mean you won’t waste your time with them.
You walk away.
Take care of yourself in that way, protect yourself from people that are cruel.

I love the way you look out for Beck.
I love that he’s always your main priority.
The minute he cries you’re at his side making sure he’s okay.
You stand up for him, and you never let anyone harm him.
Even if it means your friends don’t want to play with you.
You know he’s your brother, but he’s also your closest friend.
You know where to invest your time and love.

I love how you LOVE everything.
I love how you want to do everything!
I love how you question everything!
I love that when you set your mind on something you follow through.

Honestly Riley,
I could go on and on, but ultimately,
I take so many cues from you.
I want to love like you do.
To see life the way you do.
I want to wake up with joy like you do.
No one shines like you baby girl.
You shine.
You’re brilliant.
Its your heart, its your spirit, its your soul.

You’re the coolest little person I know.
You have your bad days, of course.
You throw tantrums every once in awhile that make us go CRAZY.
You disobey us.
You talk back.
You are stubborn.
But you have so much grace.
You recognize when you’re in the wrong.
You are always fast to apologize and point out your faults.
But even more so, you are always so quick to forgive.
To forget and to move on.
Teach me how to do that!

I don’t think you’re perfect.
No, you wouldn’t be any fun if you were.
I do believe though, that you are a true individual.
You’re a leader.
You have a confidence to you, where you walk proud and with your head high.
Like you know something we don’t.

At the end of the day I’m grateful that you’re my daughter.
My firstborn.
The child that thinks that I’m the most amazing person.
I’m thankful that the little girl I dreamed of having as a child is present in my life,
and is always thanking me for being her mother.
I mean seriously?!
Everything I do for you baby girl, you thank me.
You have a heart of gratitude.

Currently you talk about college and becoming a doctor.
I am and will always be proud of you, no matter what you do with your life.
Continue to love and live as hard and big as you do right now.

Happy Birthday.
I love celebrating you.
I love you Riley girl.

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