This moment

I love you two.
Every part of me loves you, especially my heart & soul.

I will never be able to kiss you enough.
Hold you enough.
Tell you I love you enough.
But I will continue to try.

I try to remember as many moments as I can.
I try to stop worrying about the littler things,
& dwell in the moments I have with you both.

Time goes by quickly.
I mean, I still remember being pregnant with you both.
It feels like yesterday.
Yet, we find ourselves here now.
Riley, you’re 4 and Beck you’re on her heels with your 3rd birthday
around the corner.

I believe we must play as much as we can.
Blow every dandelion we happen across
& make wishes as often as possible.
Continue to kiss each other and invent games together.
I promise to encourage your ideas and help you pursue them.
Your childhood deserves to be lived.
Truly lived.
So we will do that.
Even more so than we have.
Better than yesterday.

Right now, it belongs to you.
It belongs to every dream you dream.
Every dance you want to dance.
I promise to dream alongside you.
You know I’m always up for dancing.
I just want to live life with you guys.

Please don’t grow up too fast.
I promise to preserve your childhood and innocence as long as I can.
Being grown up is fun, but you get to be a grown up
for much longer than you get to be a child.
So we’re going to enjoy it.
As much of it as possible.

I know things are hard at times.
Being a kid isn’t easy.
But know I will  always hold you after tantrums.
I will always kiss your scrapes.
I will sing to you when the dark is too much.

I promise to be the best mommy to you that I can be.
I promise to help you be kind, to be giving, to be caring.
I’m not perfect kids.
This you know.
But I love you so much.
I’d give you the moon and stars and sun if I could.
Tomorrow isn’t promised to us, and if I could I would give
you as many tomorrows as I could.
I can’t though.
I can give you today.
This moment.

You see me cry a lot.
Someday we’ll talk about it.
Most of the time though, I’m crying cause I not only do I feel
blessed & loved,
I am constantly overwhelmed with gratitude for the life
I get to live with you both.
I’m sure the love of a parent isn’t one you can understand until
you actually get to experience it.
For now, know that I’d do anything for you.
That you are my heart, my soul, my everything.

Riley & Beck,
everyday is a gift.
I’ve noticed that children seem to grasp this.
Continue to see life that way.
I promise to live that out for you.

I love you the most.

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2 thoughts on “This moment

  1. i needed to too. this is straight from your heart. beautiful…

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