We are love.

Untitled-2I encourage you guys to love.
Not because it feels good, or its the right thing to do.
But because we’re all the same.
We are.

Somedays I’m cynical and I really hate people.
I especially hate the people that tell me to get over myself
& to stop talking about something that happened over 400 years ago.
I hate the people that tell me that racism isn’t real.
I hate the people that harassed my parents simply because they were black.
I hate the people that removed this land we call America from its original dwellers.
But then I remember that they’re just like me.
Just like you.
A heart. A soul. A spirit.

Its hard to love people that hurt you.
Hard to love the people that hurt those close to you.
So hard to love the people that want to keep rights away from fellow humans.

But we’re all the same.
So we, with our knowledge, and our love,
can make hate into something insignificant.
Something that doesn’t hold a voice or any power.
I watched my dad constantly love people.
The same people that treated him like dirt simply because he was darker than they.
I watched my mom serve people with kindness and love,
even though they didn’t give her the time of day.

This is how I want to live for you guys.
I want to be an example of what it means to care and love the people who
don’t return the feelings.
I want to be a reminder that I am you. You are me.
We are them.
We are people, living together, and hopefully,
loving & taking care of each other.

Somedays it is so hard, and I have to sit and remember.
Remember the people that love me for who I am.
For my brown skin, my natural hair, and my personality.
I remember the people that take care of others as if they are family.
I remember the people that sacrifice for their neighbors,
be it next door or across the country.

I just hope we raise you to appreciate the fellow humans
that are created the same as you.
I want you to always have a heart willing to help.
To serve.
To give.
Not with expectation for anything in return,
but because they’re you.

Love is powerful, so very powerful.
Its healing & renewing.
Its moving & changing.
It blesses & lifts up.
Love is what we are created to do, be, and share.

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