Mothers Day.

20130215_8585I know that Mothers Day is focused on and about the mother.
But I wanted to take a moment beforehand and thank you two
for making me into a mother, and even more so
a better human being.

So much of who I am today is all thanks to who you two are.

I know somedays my temper is short and I shout.
I know I slam my door when I get overwhelmed.
I know I’ve hid under my covers when you guys have been loud.
But even in those moments, those moments where I’m pretty sure its the end,
I still adore you, love you, can’t believe you’re mine.

You’ve both taught me so much.
Riley, you’ve taught me to be excited about EVERYTHING.
Doing the dishes, putting laundry away, going to the doctor.
Beck, you’ve taught me to LET GO of my plans and schedules.
You’ve both taught me what it truly means to be present.
You’ve shown me that love is unconditional.
Although, I thought I understood that, you’ve proven it.
Love is always forgiving, gracious, kind, uplifting.
Never is it selfish.
You both act this out with each other,
and with me and daddy.

When you guys sleep, I pray over you and marvel.
I kiss your cheeks constantly because you’re perfect.
God gave you to me to teach me how to love life,
how to live it without fear and with open arms.
Chores can always wait when there are hugs to be had
and amazing music to be danced to.

I want you to know that I am committed to loving you everyday.
Through good moments and more so, the bad, hard ones.
To answering every question, no matter how hard it is to explain 🙂
To always stopping when you ask me to look.
I will always listen to your stories, especially the made-up ones.
I am committed to helping you grow the way you need to.
I refuse to place you in ANY box.
Our home, no matter where it is, is your safe place.
I will always be honest with you, and let you know why things are
unsafe or why we will not do them.
I will not rely on “Because I said so” or “Because I am your mom”
I will always communicate with you, even when its difficult.
I’m always here to offer a hand or make you food.
I will ALWAYS be your biggest fan.
If you want to pursue it, we will pursue it together.
Any type of hate, discriminating or bigotry will NOT be allowed.
If you want to make me upset, thats the way.
I am raising humans to LOVE and RESPECT others and this earth.
They are gifts.
I will not allow others to dictate how I parent you.
I am committed to adventuring with you on a daily basis.
We will never be bored.
You can be sad, or upset, or any other emotion.
But we will always find joy.
And, I promise to never doubt you.

Another thing I have to give you so much credit for,
especially you Riley girl.
Your requests for constant prayers at bedtime
When we’re sick, when we’re sad.
Your answer to everything is to ask for help.
The way you talk to me about Jesus and God.
About the bible, and what it says about loving others.
The way you grasp what it means,
has brought me back to where I was when I first had you.
I’ve walked away from my faith but the way you live out
your faith baby girl,
has brought me back.

Thank you.
For everything you’ve given me.
Done for me.
Will do.

You both have already given me the best Mothers Day present,
by being yourselves and encouraging me to be myself.

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One thought on “Mothers Day.

  1. Lizzie D on said:

    Speechless… But you said it all so beautifully. Happy Mother’s Day, dear M. And hugs to you all.

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